my grandmother drove her insane

and i drove her to suicide

margoatrobbie asked: I thought you were dead

I am. It’s my ghost here. I will always haunt you Tyler. 

"My grandmother, Lorraine, used to for in San Francisco for IBM. She was there on a weekend, catching up on work. She started hearing this sound… like rain, but when she looked out the windows all she saw was blue sky. It just kept getting louder. Rain and thunder, cracking like gunshots in her head. So loud. She finally just screamed.

Why Aiden? *weeps*

The Divine Move.

Au meme; Klefan in a teen telenovela.


- Lydia wasn't on the chessboard!
- She is now.

The jacket and the cardigan!

is nobody else going to talk about how Caroline wore that cardigan again?! #they both probably still have his scent on them lbr


Caroline Forbes in While You Were Sleeping (S05E16)

"The travelers don’t want anyone to know what they’re up to, and by anyone, I mean newbie-emo-witch-type-bad-attitudes."